Octavio Ocaña is a friend who is thought to be making sure to break away from Nerea Godínez

This Monday, November 29th, is exactly one month since the girlfriend split up Octavio Okana Information and reports about what happened and the characters around him continue to come to light, an important part of which is his fianc மனைவிe, Nerea Godinez.

This story comes to light once again, the so-called best friend Octavio Okana, Who promised that Actor Two weeks before the tragic events that led to his departure to give life to Benito Rivers in the Televisa Vesinos series, he wanted to separate from his girlfriend Neria Codenes.

Dale Guerrero of Arkunde TV shared the video on his YouTube channel of what the young man allegedly said on social media, in which “Davito” vowed not to be next to the young woman.

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Despite rumors that these words might be unleashed, the young man did not reveal further details about whether Octavio Okana wanted to break up with Neria Codenes, as pictures of the happy couple now appear. Young woman popular on social networks.

Listen to what Dale shared Here

Octavio wanted to break away from Ocaña Nerea Godínez, they say. Photo: Instagram.

What is clear is that these words are included for all those who promise that the future wife of the beloved actor from Vesinos and his comrades will be questioned on November 29 to clarify the facts.

The truth is, social networks are filled with alleged photos and arguments against Nerea Godínez, but in reality nothing can be taken for granted and essentially distracted from the important, who was the reason for Octavio’s exit?

One thing that has greatly delighted internet users is that, frankly and according to the same journalist Dale Guerrero, the Perez Okana family is no longer seen with the same admiration or confidence in Codeines, which could mean a clear investigation into whoever the couple is. Television star.

Meanwhile, a month after he left, the father Octavio Okana He continues to struggle to find those responsible for what happened to his son, the 22-year-old and to clarify the memorable events of October 29 that took him with dreams and plans.

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