Oceanogràfic Foundation joins Science Week with activities for all audiences

For yet another year, the Oceanogràfic Foundation joins the European Science Week and has prepared various informative actions from November 2 to 13, among which the scientific workshops and experiments for the little ones, the conferences and meetings with the scientific team stand out. of the Foundation, the science monologues or the exclusive screening of the latest documentary by the television presenter and popularizer Marina Laura Madrueño called “Rumbo al Past”.

In addition, coinciding with the fifth anniversary of the Oceanogràfic Foundation, on Friday, the 5th, the results and data of the last five years will be presented, in which a large number of research and conservation projects have been registered, as well as various activities and actions. Of disclosure.

With the aim of bringing science closer to the public of all ages, Science Week is the most important European scientific dissemination initiative, which has been organized throughout Spain for 20 years in order to stimulate passion for science and promote science. citizen participation through outreach activities in institutions, universities, museums, etc.

I would do experiments at the Oceanographic

For the little ones, the Oceanogràfic has organized a series of workshops and experiments with the aim of bringing science closer through fun and learning.

“Fill the whale”, “Ducks and gallipats” or “Siren songs” are some of the scientific tests that the aquarium’s Education department has prepared with recycled products and materials such as cardboard cups or plastic bottles.

The workshops will be held on consecutive days (November 2, 3, 4, 8, 9 and 10) at 12:30 in the morning on the outdoor flamingo terrace, and all the boys and girls who visit may participate. the aquarium.

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Meetings with the Foundation’s scientific team

Next Thursday, November 4 and 11, the Oceanogràfic Foundation has organized two evening meetings with several of the scientists who have focused their research and conservation studies on our aquarium.

These meetings offer a forum to share experiences about the marine world and the projects that are being carried out in favor of animal welfare and the marine ecosystem.

Both sessions, free of charge, will take place at 6:30 p.m. in the Oceanos restaurant at the Oceanogràfic and registrations will be made on the official website of the aquarium.

Five years of the Oceanogràfic Foundation

Although research at the Oceanogràfic de València has been present since the opening of the aquarium in 2003, this year marks the fifth anniversary of the creation of the Oceanogràfic Foundation.

Almost like an intended coincidence, the Foundation is the same birthday as one of its main stars, baby beluga Kylu. A birth that is considered a gift and an opportunity for science, since this exceptional circumstance makes it possible to carry out scientific projects and research that would otherwise be very difficult or impossible to complete.

For this reason, on Friday the 5th the latest results of these five years of studies will be presented to the media. Some data that consolidates the Oceanogràfic Foundation as a focus for research and conservation of the marine environment.

Presentation on science and society

Coinciding with the presentation of the Foundation’s results, on the same Friday, the 5th in the afternoon, the presentation “Oceanogràfic: much more than an aquarium” is held at the Oceanogràfic’s Red Sea Auditorium, by the researcher and veterinarian, José Manuel Sánchez-Vizcaíno who, in addition to being a patron of the Oceanogràfic Foundation, is the coordinator of the Viral Immunology and Preventive Medicine Service (SUAT) of the Veterinary Health Surveillance Center (VISAVET) of the Complutense University of Madrid.

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Attendance at the presentation is by reservation on the Oceanogràfic website and access is free.

Sharks in Science Week

The second week, the Oceanogràfic Foundation will focus the events around the research and conservation of sharks.

Among the various activities planned, the University Course on Management and Maintenance of Sharks stands out, which will take place from November 8 to 12 in the afternoon. During five sessions, the students will learn the veterinary and evolutionary aspects of sharks, as well as the more complex characteristics of their maintenance in a controlled environment.

The culmination of the course will be starred in the premiere of the new documentary by the marine journalist and popularizer, Laura Madrueño, which is called “Rumbo al Past” and which deals with the progressive and dramatic loss of shark populations due to overfishing. specifically “Rumbo al Past” will take us to Sudan to meet one of the most enigmatic species of shark, the hammerhead shark.

The documentary, also open to the general public and with free admission, will be screened at 6.30 pm at the Mar Rojo Auditorium with prior reservation of attendance on the Oceanogràfic website.

Monologues and “clowntífic” for the “Friends of the Oceanogràfic”

To conclude the European Science Week, the Oceanogràfic has prepared a scientific day for the “Friends of the Oceanogràfic”.

On the morning of Saturday, November 13, the smallest “friends” will enjoy in the Red Sea with the educational show “Clowntífic” by the group of comedians Big Van, in which the boys and girls will become authentic researchers, at the same time who learn scientific content.

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In the afternoon, at 6:00 pm, the oldest will also have their appointment with “scientific humor” at the Red Sea Auditorium.

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