“Now that I am not in Barça, I can speak…”


Daniel Alves compares Cristiano Ronaldo. The Brazilian winger praised the Portuguese in a chat Efrain ‘The Spark’ Velarte Via YouTube, he said he had no bad relationship with the striker Man Utd.

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“Especially, I love Cristiano. Now that we’re not at Barca-Madrid, because it always seems like you can’t talk, now that I’m not here, I can talk. We don’t have that much quality, Cristiano is an example to all of us that with hard work you can compete with the best. He exemplified this. . Even though I played against him, I respect him a lot. I got a chance to tell him,” he revealed. Alves.

Player Cougars He recalled a controversial episode with him Ronaldo. ”When I tried to greet him, he didn’t greet me, which once caused controversy. At a Ballon d’Or, we had a fight there, he didn’t congratulate me, but because of what was created outside. What’s not to respect Cristiano, what’s the other one… how can I not respect a guy who has achieved everything on the ball, with work? I recognize him. Everything I have done in my life is based on that. “

Alves He has no problem saying that he identifies more with the Portuguese. “If you compare, as a player I’m closer to Cristiano than Leo. I’d say there’s more of an identity with Cristiano because of the work. That’s what I’ve done all my life: work to achieve, to get to where I’ve come. It’s not pure talent. It’s percentage talent, but huge. The thing is the work. That’s what Cristiano does. He has the talent, yes the talent. But it’s his work that makes him compete with Messi and anyone else. How can I not respect? But, of course, that sensibility is created at Barca and Real Madrid.

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Messi or Cristiano?  Dani Alves reveals who he identifies with and wonders: ''Now I'm not at Barça, I can talk...''

This is not the first time Defender has recognized the CR7’s quality. He had said earlier Ronaldo What made him more complicated in his life was the rival.

Alves Y Christian They met 30 times. In the 2011 Copa del Rey final and the 2017 Champions League final, the balance was in the Brazilian’s favor, although the winger suffered some painful setbacks against the striker when he played for the team. Juventus.

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