Northern lights on the Mexico border? This is what scientists say today

The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Pot) A warning A “cannibalistic” solar storm This can be felt more this December 1st and affect the communication of the planet.

Up to four coronal mass ejections (CMEAccording to its abbreviation in English) planned by the Sun this week, they travel in the direction land And the most powerful reached on Tuesday, November 28 Type M9.8That is, there is only two-tenths to be thought of within X, the most powerful of all. They all come from a sunspot called AR3500.

According to the agency, it will be for this reason Communication problems by shortwave radio in parts of the South Pacific region. However, they peak by December 1. The energy is estimated to travel at 800 kilometers per second and impact Aurora Borealis More to the south than usual.

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A powerful solar storm. Photo: Archive

According to Pot, solar storms can be powerful enough to cause difficulties in the control of electricity networks and to cause fluctuations in this type of energy supply. Satellites orbiting the Earth could also be affected, the media outlet El Confidential recalled.

El Mundo noted, “Earth has a natural protective shield, ours magnetic fieldThis is diverting Electric wind towards the poles. In fact, according to NASA, Not harmful to humans“.

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Regarding the issue of northern lights further south in the hemisphere, the Institute for Geological and Atmospheric Research (IIGEA), AC, which is dedicated to monitoring and research in seismic, volcanic, atmospheric, biological hazards and space, expects these phenomena to be observed. Also Mexico’s border with the United States.

Northern lights further south due to solar storms "A cannibal"
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Northern lights further south due to “cannibalistic” solar storms

“The impact of a solar storm fueled by a 3-4 CME begins, northern lights can be seen even on the US-Mexico border,” (IIGEA) said via its social networks.

According to the same system, “the effect lasts for 3 days” and can affect communication. However, specifically for Mexico, the country may have an “orange-red sunset,” so he invited his followers to share their photos.


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