Norman Guijano accuses the prosecutor’s office of electoral fraud and illegal groups

The attorney general presented the requirements Saturday afternoon. He also said the former deputy had left the country on Friday afternoon.

The Attorney General’s Office has asked the Seventh Peace Court to order the arrest of Norman Guijano, a former deputy and former speaker of the legislature, for allegedly negotiating with gangs in exchange for electoral support when he was a presidential candidate in 2014. .

“We have this afternoon filed a petition seeking formal instruction that Mr. Norman Guijano Gonzalez should be arrested for the crimes and procedural frauds of the illegal groups,” a lawyer in the case said.

He added, “The Arena candidate, through various individuals, made concessions to the gang members so that they could endorse the votes of the gangs, their families and their communities. This is because in the first round, neither party received the required number of votes to run for president. ”

In this case the lawyer promised to pay 000 100,000 to the gangs by the Arena side.

Attorney General Raul Melara recalled that a preliminary ruling against Guizano was sought in the legislature in January 2020, but in May of the same year, a majority of delegates decided not to remove the constitutional jurisdiction.

“Unfortunately, there was no echo of that in the legislature that ended yesterday (Friday, April 30),” Melara said on her Twitter account.

He added, “We agree with the commitment to prosecute all those involved in the negotiations with the gangs, among other crimes, because it is consistent and consistent with our constitutional mission, a crime that has already taken place in the country.”

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Guizano offered them money and other benefits in exchange for voting for him in the presidential election, a video from the National Pastor’s Network showing religious and gang members allegedly involved in the rehabilitation process, and Noe’s (with criminal convictions) as a witness he testified at the trial of Jack’s action.

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During the coordination to capture the former spouse, the evacuee reported that he had left the country yesterday – by land last Friday at 2:08 p.m. “It confirms that the plane was in danger and that it is already operational,” Melara explained.

Attorney Guijano in this case promised that he used an embassy passport and a diplomatic vehicle to leave Honduras for the country.

At the time of the exit the former deputy enjoyed his constitutional jurisdiction, so he had to wait until yesterday to plead guilty in court.

Guizano confirmed he was out of the country, but promised he would face judicial action in the next few days.

I’m out of the country, attending a family engagement, and plan to return to the country in a couple of days. I found that the lawyer had filed a restraining order against me on the basis of false allegations, ”Guijano wrote.

He added, “I will keep my innocence until my last breath.
In times of need, I will come forward to show my face, because as I have always said, those who know me know it, and I am innocent. “

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Guizano was elected Vice President of the Central American Parliament (Parlachen), but has not yet taken office.

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