No space in Google Photos? So you can free your memory

company The Google It has evolved over the years and currently offers its users multiple platforms, through which they can send emails, make presentations, prepare documents and even store photos in the cloud, all this in one 15 GB for free.

Although this space may seem sufficient in the long run as it is for some Appsuntil you reach 0% of the storage space.

For many, this can be fatal, because the place where they support audio-visual materials is located Google ImagesIn the same way, this would complicate entering new emails.

To prevent this, or to take action in that regard, in case this is your case, we want to share some options for freeing up space, or having, whatever you choose, that will allow you to punch that little hole in the cloud that you need.

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The first thing you should know is that not all apps are The Google They take up space in your storage, and there are 3 specific apps that will bring the biggest complications in storage, so, we focus on them to solve this situation.

Free up space in Google Photos

The classic option: delete what no longer serves you, many times we have a duplicate image 15 times, or that Gallery from Pictures Vibrations that we will not use, that you can get rid of without feeling guilty and with them stop taking up space. Be careful with videosThey are usually the ones that cover the largest area.

It does not matter erase To delete resources, but to improve them, a good choice is to take into account whether you have published Pictures As for videos In your social networks, because in this way they will be stored there, so you can delete the material with complete peace of mind.

Don’t forget it after good purificationTo permanently delete these files, you must enter the Recycle Bin.

A good tip is that your backup is saved in high quality and not original, videos and images are compressed, so you will have more storage space available, to do that you just have to follow these steps:

Enter settings Google Images
Select “Backup & Sync”
Click on “Image Quality” and select “High Quality”

Get rid of useless emails to free up some space

Whether you use your mail constantly, or have forgotten about it, either way, your inbox is likely to be full, so freeing up space on that side will come in handy.

The web version of Gmail includes advanced filters with which you can find messages that take up a lot of space, such as those with attached files.

If you use the larger: 10M filter, you will find messages larger than 10 MBAnd so, the largest: 30 million will look for those who occupy more than 30 MBthe goal is to evaluate whether emails, which take up a lot of space, are still important.

Say goodbye to large Google Drive files

Google Drive It is one of the most useful tools The GoogleSince it allows files of various formats to be stored in the cloud, some of them can use a lot of space, so, there is a simple way to identify them, and that is possible on a web page.

You must enter the section “storageA list will appear of where all your files are located, and their order will go from largest to smallest, meaning that the files at the top will be the ones that take up the most storage space, and will go down in terms of their weight, this way you will be able to determine and evaluate what is left and what is left.

Buy space to expand your storage

Of course, the most practical and immediate option is to buy Google One storage, which you can do from the Google Drive app, in the Storage section.

The current prices are: 100 GB for 35 pesos per month, or an annual salary of 359 pesos; 200 GB for 49 pesos per month, or an annual salary of 489 pesos and 2 TB for 179 pesos per month, or an annual salary of 1699 pesos.

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