Andres Vacca beats Pyojo Herrera to contest the half-time test

Mexico City /

The campaign started Michael Herrera To be considered for technical guidance of the Mexican national team Andres VaccaHe kept his film away from controversy Tigres and attacked the former technical director of the United States, among others.

In recent weeks, El Pyojo has established meetings with various media To expose his desire to return to tricolor, in which he not only undermines the work of his “opponents”, but He has promised to change his behaviorThis is to show that he will not make mistakes like this one Conflict with Christian Martinoli Year 2015.

Dissatisfaction with the behavior of the strategist, Waka recalled winning only two titles in the last 20 yearsDespite leading the armed clubs to champions, he ensured that he went from “failure to failure” and sometimes without forgetting. He had a disagreement with the managers.

“Herrera’s pro campaign for the national team was incredible. The guy has won 2 league titles in 20 years. They lost to one of the best teams in the leagueAnd on top of that he signed for the biggest prank the league can remember (Due to wrong setup)”, read on the social networks of the TUDN commentator.

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He defended Almada’s work

Contrary to what Herrera thinks, who defended There are more titles than Guillermo AlmadaVaga, one of the people associated with the tricolor today, gave the assurance Uruguay cannot be ruled outHe proved his mettle during his four years in the country.

“If it’s about the present, There is no argument for putting one above Guillermo Almada. He knows football, he knows how to work with Mexicans, he knows how to exploit talented young people,” he said.

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