Niurga Marcos sends a wonderful note to Cynthia Klitbo

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A fierce battle has been going on for the past few days Cynthia Klitbo and Niurka MarcosBecause of the recommendations she made to the actress Cuban to prevent her from being scammed And boss around John Vidal, Now they have started a relationship.

And that’s it The actor, who was partnered with Klitpow, left a bad taste in the actress’s mouth after the Dominican mistreated and cheated her. However, Nyurka turned a deaf ear to the suggestionsBecause she makes sure she has a well-defined relationship with Vidal and doesn’t let anyone come between them.

Now with a clip on social networks, Juan Osorio’s ex has left Certainly no one was born to put her in her place; With a wry laugh, he replies: “Not a bend was born or begotten …, it is not on the face of the earth.”

Juan Vida and Niurga offer each other a chance to fall in love

There is a clip It has caused quite a stir among internet users, promising to be a reference to the soap opera villainHe has been sending similar phrases and metaphors for the past few days.

Meanwhile, Cuba continues to shout her love from the rooftops and is determined to give it to the Dominican. Now a new opportunity to leave “The House of the Famous 2”, where they started their relationship. It must be remembered that Niurga has made his mistakes, as he did with Bobby Larios.

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