Ninel Conte seeks legal action against the journalist

Famous singer, Ninal Conte His team of lawyers confirms that they are already considering filing a lawsuit against him Annabelle Hernandez Her book “Emma and the Other Ladies of …” is a popular publication that has not stopped creating controversy in the Internet world at this time. TV.

Also the actress appears in an episode and is currently thinking of taking legal action against the journalist and its editor.

It was on the show ‘First hand’, “Banban” decided to express himself in these signs appearing within the letter: “It is absolutely Fake, I do not even know where to start this novel. So much, or where to start denying. My lawyers asked me not to comment on it without saying that it was in their hands Mexico Such as United States”.

“Because this is a very sensitive issue, it will be made clear where it needs to be clarified. I will continue to work as I always did, and my lawyers will take care of the rest,” he said. Nine On top of that Interview.

Of course, Gustavo Adolfo Infante wanted to know more about the matter, insisting that these actions could affect the editorial board as well. Thread, If the author is not separated, the hours published at home may also be affected by Nile Conte.

The celebrity, on several occasions, has revealed that all he has received is honestly the result of the income he has earned in his life, and that he has evidence to refute what has been published in the book.

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Keep in mind that there are other celebrities involved in the book, who also deny that their relationship with the companies is real.

However, there are other celebrities who have openly admitted to having some affair with the “heavy” one mentioned in the release, such as ‘Platanito’ who revealed whether he attended one of his parties.

We are currently monitoring the case and will keep you up to date with news reports on Show News and celebrity reports related to the companies in the aforementioned book.

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