Nine tropical recessions are developing in the Caribbean and threatening the United States as a hurricane

(CNN) – Nine tropical recessions occur in the western-central Caribbean and are located 185 km from Nekril, Jamasia and 340 km from Grand Cayman. National Hurricane Center (NHC).

A Tropical storm warning Cayman Islands and tropical storm monitoring are now in place in some parts of western Cuba.

According to the NHC, tropical depression is forecast to turn into a tropical storm after nine this Thursday. Next on the list of names in the Atlantic is Ida (pronounced EYE-duh in English, Ida In Spanish). This system will get that name until one of the other systems first reaches the intensity of a tropical storm.

It will enter the Gulf of Mexico this weekend and it will strengthen. The NHC says the system will turn into a hurricane when it heads for Louisiana Beach or Texas on Saturday morning.

Hurricane Grace hit Veracruz with strong winds 1:52

It is too early to know the impact it will have on the United States or where it is landing. But the NHC’s first forecast shows Type 2 or 3 storms hitting the United States on Sunday.

Although the storm is just now forming, the National Hurricane Center is emphasizing “more confidence than the nature of the moving tropical cyclone that will strengthen in the Gulf this weekend.”

“The NHC intensity forecast sets near the strength of a major hurricane as it approaches the northern Gulf Coast on Sunday,” the center said.

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