Jennifer Lopez went to lunch with her daughter Emme and the difference in styles was very bad

Since renewing his love affair with Ben Affleck, we have seen Jennifer Lopez wears a very romantic and feminine look It amazes her. Now she loves to wear flowing dresses, prints and more. On the contrary, she is now wearing pieces that look refreshing and relaxed without exposing her skin as much as she normally would. Sure, we’re sure we would see her in erotic and revealing outfits, but apparently not often.

We revisited that style change on his most recent trip with his daughter We do notWith him he went to lunch at a restaurant in Los Angeles and shared the tender moments of mothers and daughter. Instead of making her daughter look more comfortable and relaxed, Lopez opted for a stunning white mini dress with sleeves and ruffles. ALC. She finished with a cream strap, a ponytail at the tip and a mini bag Gucci.

Now, the shoes he was wearing really caught my eye. The singer arrived at the scene wearing brown knee-high boots with high heels, Coach, Next to her daughter she is bigger and much different.

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Back Grid / Crosby Team

Back Grid / Crosby Team

Back Grid / Crosby Team

For her part, Emmy wore the most sober look to go out with her famous mom. We saw her in denim shorts, striped sweater Zoomed in, Flat shoes and socks. Of course, the young lady has a very different style from her mother, she is always in fashion and wears the most amazing pieces.

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