Nikki Haley scores her first victory over Trump in the Washington DC primaries

EFE.- Former governor of South Carolina, Nikki HaleyHe scored his first victory this Sunday by declaring himself the winner against the former president Donald Trump In the US capital, Washington DC

According to the first predictions of the media like cnn And NBC News, the former US representative to the UN reached 63% votes, compared to 33% Trump In Principals Republican party held this weekend in the capital.

Tea can curiosity: The US Supreme Court will rule on Monday whether to disqualify Trump from the US presidential election

A success Only 19 of the country's 2,429 representatives have a DC, but that comes before a key meeting. Super TuesdayOf these, 16 states will hold primary elections on March 5.

As a further feature of the complex system selection Presidential candidates in condition joinedThe DC primaries spanned three days, starting last Friday and ending this Sunday at 7:00pm local time. Urns.

Since Haley achieved more than 50% votesAll 19 representatives agree with him, as stipulated by the rules of primaries. DC (It is different in every state).

With today's 19, The Republic It has a total of 43 delegates, with 244 delegates remaining Trump In their caucuses after winning the rest of the proceedings so far Iowa One Michigan or in the primaries South Carolina.

A proportional number of delegates are appointed to each of these internal processes, who will nominate a candidate at the national convention in July. game Republican Party In Milwaukee.

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There are a total of 2,429 representatives and one candidate Must win at least $1,215 to receive referral.

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The capital of the country, it is one of the most Democrats of America And a city Trump Often offensive in his speeches, he has broken the purpose Former President Not to be outdone, just before “Super Tuesday,” Republicans will pick up 865 delegates, 35.6% of the total..

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