“Nia Pyu, I didn’t go out. Look what’s in here, they’re killing me!”

  • The show airs for the first time on August 5, 2020 with guest Florin Prunia

July 10, 1994 Romania is just minutes away from a historic performance: its presence in the semifinals of the World Championships in the United States.

Florin Prunia, who was invited to the “Friends of Ovidu”, recalled the goal point scored by Kennedy Anderson of Sweden. The gigantic yellow striker got up like a kite and defeated Florin Prune without emotions for 115 minutes.

– I want to talk about the famous match with Florin, Sweden …
– Now, just before the show, a colleague of yours came over when he put my laurel on me. “Mr. Brunia, I don’t understand why everyone remembers that point.” That’s why … after that I had double stage intervention. Kenneth Anderson escaped again with me, then Henrik Larson. Even though people still swear to me, they forgave me to that point.

“Aren’t you a little scared?”
– When I came from the United States, I landed in Timisoara. There were about 100,000 people at the airport … The mayor of Timisoara told us to land there first because there are people on the street. When the plane landed in Timisoara … Nia Ovidu, I did not get down! I stayed on the plane. Nia Pui came to me: “Dude, where are you ?! Come on, get down!”. “Nia Pyu, I’m not going out. Look what’s here! They ‘re killing me!” “Yeah, couldn’t I hear my hand coming down?” When I went downstairs with Nia Pui, they all started shouting “Florin Prunia” … I said: “Done! I escaped!”.

“But it’s your fault, Florin!”
– One hundred percent my fault, it’s the goalkeeper’s fault. Some say, if it’s Giga Bobus or Didi jumping with him … it’s 40 meters across. A simple ball. Nia Ovidu, I committed them to cross-cutting. If it was Silvic or any goalkeeper … I wouldn’t have jumped! I did not see him! She came to my right and hit the blank. But he did the same in Italy. He did it with Percy and Bacliuca … same stages! He did this in training. They were playing him … I went 2-1 and went 2-2 again. Hahaha!

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Romania – Sweden 2-2 (1-1, 0-0), 4-5 LT, 10.07.1994

Arena: Stanford audience: 81,000
Referee: Philip Don (Anglia)
They scored: Rhodio (88, 100) / Proline (76), k. Anderson (115)
Shootout: 0-0 Light, 1-0 Roduccio, 1-1 k. Anderson, 1-2 hockey, 2-2 proline, 3-2 I. Lupescu, 3-3 Ingeson, 3-3 D. Petresku, 4-3 Nilsson, 4-4 I. Dumitresku, 5-4 h. Larson, 5-4 Pelodetic

Romania: Florian Brunia – Don Petrescu, Daniel Proton, Myotrock Pelodetici, Thibor Selims – Dorinal Mundenu (84 Basara Bandoru), Giorgio Bobescu, Giorgie Hockey, Ion Lupescu, Ilie Doom
Coach: Angel Irdanescu

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