Megan Markle and Prince Harry have made a radical new decision. They have now left

Prince Harry and Megan Markle have decided to quit social media.

The royal couple was disappointed by the online hatred of the state environment and will focus on new responsibilities gained in the United States.

According to the British publication The Guardian, the two gathered 10 million followers on their official Instagram account, but they dropped it.

Megan Markle and Prince Harry drop social media

Also, Harry and Megan resigned as senior members of the royal family And moved to the United States.

According to the Sunday Times, the couple wants to live a life away from the world view and do not want to use social networking sites for their non-profit organization Arkwell.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex dropped social media at the same time as Donald Trumo chose a suspended account on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. According to Spinius.rel = “Funding”>

In the past, Harry and Megan have been very active on Instagram, their account ussussexroyal, followed by 10.4 million people. There have been no new posts on this account since March 2020, which is an indication that the royal couple’s separation on social networks is final.

However, the pair have signed multi-million dollar deals with Netflix to produce more documentaries, so fans will find more by watching the online streaming site.

Most interestingly, both said they would continue to use social media even after leaving the United Kingdom.

Unfortunately, haters and haters on the internet were the reason Harry and Megan dropped out of any social network, angry at the way their lives were criticized.

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