Newspaper Today | How To Know If Someone Is “Spying” On Our Android Phone

Parental control tools allow parents to control the activities and content their children access through their phones or other devices. In this content we tell you about the available alternatives.

One of the concerns that settles in the minds of many adults The dangers of the Internet and the myriad risks children and adolescents are exposed toincreasingly immersed in the virtual world.

Social networks, messaging apps, video games or web pages… Anything can happen A niche for harmful content Or, at worst, do Dishonest people with evil intentions.

Considering this, the Parental control becomes one An important strategy for exercising more control over children And, at the same time, Reduces risks It brings the digital world.

Special portal BeDigitalBeReal Recommend some Useful tools for controlling children and adolescentsgives possibility block websites, filter content, set limits and monitor usage, Among other activities:

*Google Family Link: It is a free app from Google and it is One of the most used parental controls. can do Monitoring and Controlling Internet Activityincluding SMS and social networks, Using “Mom Account” on the phone. It can be downloaded on Android and iOS mobiles.

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*Custodian: is a complete parental control offering through its online platform or its mobile app, Monitor all family devices. In its free version it allows Control the device whether it’s a computer, cell phone or tablet.

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*NetNanny: Provides a similar service On all children’s devices, Both computers and tablets and smartphones. Both allow parental controls Monitor in real time how they are using said equipment.

* The Norton Family: As before, it provides Control of calls and SMS, monitoring of social networks, control of applications or navigation, Among other activities. About Payment instrument.

*Life 360: An app primarily aimed at families Allows you to know the location in real timely works for both IOS and Android. It provides such very practical functions Ability to check-in and receive alerts When the family member reaches their destination.

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*Settings on iOS: The iPhone and iPad Family devices also have native settings that allow for more precise control. In both cases, you can select the function “use the time” It enables Know and limit each app’s time, know what they’re downloading and establish various restrictions, Protecting the system with a password.

Likewise, you can on both these Apple devices Activate the “Family” function that allows you to manage the functions of another device (with an Apple ID account) from a phone or tablet.

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