Carlos Vela has already said ‘yes’ to Chivas

The Goat country Keep going hurt After they lost final Before Clausura 2023 TigersThey were on top of the scoreboard by two goals, but could not hold on to the result and fell in his house.

However, painting tappato can get good news Very soon, it will work Ointment For the fans, from signatures That sound is more powerful.

Is Carlos Vela going to play for Chivas?

Carlos Candleemerged from the fundamental forces of SivasNever had a chance Introduction He signed with the club after the Under-17 World Cup in the first division Arsenal.

However, the Bombardier I will be very close to preserving colors Rojiblancos For the next match. According to Mexican striker Televisa Guadalajara I have already said ‘yes’ to sign with him crowd.

In the show hosted by Víctor el Niño, they point out Guadalajara sent a delegation of former Chivas players like Omar Bravo and Omar EsparzaWho was able to pacify the assailant.

What is the obstacle to achieving Vela Shivas?

On the other hand, they pointed out that the only obstacle to signing is the couple Carlos Vela, Sayoa CanibanoBecause their lives are so peaceful and comfortable, who do they have to appease? Angels.

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