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By Thiago Gomide

Posted 04/07/2021 2:45 PM | Updated 07/04/2021 2:48 PM

The Greek agoras were spaces for political debates, but poetry and theater were also alive. These fields were never very far apart, on the contrary.

When I saw the debut program of “Gente do Rio” in Band, I remembered this proposal of more than 2000 years. A moment of reflection, of exchanges, although, here, without the participation of the public.

The advance of democracy in Greece, mother of this political system, was made from public squares, from multiple perspectives, from the power that is being discussed. The contradictory. The advance of Rio de Janeiro will be the result of the same formula, with more qualified projects that understand, process and bring solutions to our ailments.

The presenter of “Gente do Rio” is a journalist, she wrote the column “Informe” here on O Dia, and knows a lot about the backstage of politics in Rio de Janeiro. Mônica Ramos is respected by her peers as a director. For the first time, as the English would say, “TV host” is launched, in the deepest sense of the word. She runs the show. And with firmness and grace.

Accustomed to TV shows that host politicians, I sat on the couch at 8:30 in the morning with the chance to see more of the same: as they would say on TikToK, a trickle of interesting questions for a bucket of compliments. With Rio de Janeiro in a Petropolis climate, it is not bad to have a sleeping pill. Good thing my pragmatism was wrong.

The very simple scenario ends up taking the viewer to what really matters: the television agora. The opening interviewee was Governor Cláudio Castro, who commented on public safety, investments in infrastructure, the money from the sale of CEDAE and, of course, the challenges of parenthood when you are a politician.

The state of Rio, and not only the capital, became a scene for reflection, showing that we are the fruit of everything. Like what we learned in… Greece from Plato and Socrates.



Of the 17 readers (¡Viva Xexéo!) Of this column, the majority are educators, so it is impossible not to draw attention to the article about two municipal schools in Nilópolis. The work of the teacher Ana, whose last name was not revealed, and the two teachers of the Jorge Deocleciano Municipal School, who are not even accredited, deserved more affection and a reflection that would justify the effort.

The expectation is also because Mônica has a career marked by and for education. Knowledge about this field, has a lot.



In addition, of course, to Mônica Ramos, the project has the signature of a duo who have been doing a job to be closely watched: Claudio Giordani, general director of Band Rio, and André Marini, responsible for the commercial of Band Rio.

Good goal.


Do you want to see the show?

In Band-Rio, every Sunday at 8:30 am, and soon the group goes up to the digital platforms.

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