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The Ecuadorian singer is highly distinguished from the American authorities in his city.

He was at the House of Grace, a Christian church run by his family in the US state of Kentucky. There, Ecuadorian singer Gerardo Mejia was surprised to learn that he was recognized with the highest distinction among city dwellers.

“I received it today and they surprised me at the church where I preach. They gave me the appointment of Colonel Colonel. It (recognition) is given to certain individuals, to the governor, for the work they do with the community and for the trust one maintains. It’s a great honor, I did not expect it, it’s a wonderful thing because I believe I am the first Ecuadorian immigrant to receive it, ”the artist told the newspaper.

The plaque he received reads: “The appointment of a Colonel of Kentucky is the highest honorary degree awarded by the Governor of Kentucky in recognition of an individual’s outstanding achievements and outstanding service to the community, state, and nation. Kentucky colonels are insecure in their faith, family, the common good and their devotion to the homeland. ” (I)

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