New rules for students, parents and teachers

Under what conditions do schools reopen: new rules for students, parents and teachers

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Starting on February 8, with the start of the second semester, students will return to classes. President Klaus Iohannes has already presented four scenarios based on which schools will reopen, and it is very important to note that only in isolated areas, students will continue to learn online, and kindergarten children will remain at home. In the other three scenarios (green, red and yellow), all children go to kindergarten. details Here.

Update: On Thursday, the Minister of Education provided clarifications on measures that will take effect to reopen schools.

Students who show symptoms of the new Coronavirus infection should not go to school. It will not be indicated as “absent” in the catalog

Thus, in addition to the items listed below, in the previous news, the minister also said that students who show symptoms of infection with the new Coronavirus should not attend school. Also, they will not be absent from the catalog.

“Perhaps these attitudes should be clearly defined so that if the student shows symptoms, he does not show himself in society. He should not be absent or excited. It will be the subject of additions to this ministerial order,” Soren Sempiano said.

“Certificates issued for the first semester remain valid.”

The minister said, “The certificates issued in the first semester are still valid. The certificates will also be considered in electronic form. Based on the proposals received, we will present an article whereby medical certificates are taken into consideration in electronic form, I think it is important. We announced yesterday that the certificates The medical certificates issued for the students’ weaknesses that prevent them from coming to school will be taken into consideration, the certificates issued for the first semester.

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The incidence rate at which schools were decided to open in each district

Regarding the epidemiological scenarios on the basis of which the educational units will be opened, the minister came with additional clarifications:

“In terms of the scenarios put in place to reopen schools, thresholds have been taken from the old common system thresholds. Currently, in CNCSU’s decision, the green scenario provides up to 1 per thousand incidence. In other areas, it is provided from a threshold of 1.5 per thousand. Coordination is required. This coordination means that more students will start school. In this variable, we estimated 2.4 million students will theoretically start school. It’s an important component. “

Initial news:

However, reopening schools is not at all easy. We are still in a pandemic and the vaccination campaign is underway. Until about 60-70% of the population is vaccinated, we cannot say that we have overcome the health crisis, and there is still a risk of infection spreading.

Under these circumstances, representatives of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health worked, from Wednesday evening to Thursday, to develop a guide designed to provide useful answers to teachers who will return to the department, as well as to parents who will send, Monday, children at school. This information will be published today, starting at 11 am.

Work variable The order was announced this morning by the Ministry of Education. It will be shown to school inspectors at 11:00.

What is known so far is general information, but important enough to know how, in the event of an epidemic, the classes will unfold in the classroom.

Thus, the health-health standards to prevent the spread of infection with the new Coronavirus are similar to those that were applied last year.

Classrooms will be disinfected periodically By service personnel, students will disinfect their hands at the entrance to the school and in the classrooms, using disinfectants provided by the institution, and the classrooms will be periodically ventilated.

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The classrooms in which students will study prior to their arrival will be ventilated for at least 30 minutes, 10 minutes during breaks, and again, at the end of the day.

It is important to note that at this time, mesh glass panels will be abandoned in many establishments, and are considered useless, without sufficient room ventilation.

Concessions will also be made regarding physical distance. In any case, it is recommended in schools A physical distance of one meter between students. If this is not possible due to limited space, The maximum possible distance will be applied. Many schools choose individual desks for students, and others choose to put two children in the bank.

Meanwhile, according to the document sent by the Ministry of Education so far, in order to avoid overcrowding Entry to schools and kindergartens will be through several access methods. If, for technical reasons, there are no longer access roads, Students will keep a distance between them.

Parents must know that they will not be permitted to enter schoolExcept in special cases.

Another provision known to date relates to the obligation of schools to do so Bathrooms are equipped with sterile disposable wipes. Electric hand dryers and fabric towels are prohibited.

During breaks, students will be supervised, Minimizing as much as possible the physical interaction very close between them and preventing the violation of sanitary rules that could lead to the spread of infection in the community.

Not less, Students and teachers wear a protective mask at all times.

there Rules for conducting sports classes. Teachers will only do physical activities with them that allow distance between them. Also, when holding classes indoors, children should stay away from them and avoid strenuous activities.

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With parental consent, students will be tested free and quickly with antigen tests. If the student is discovered to be infected with the virus, so that he is infected with the new type of Coronavirus, he will be taken home by his parents and will return to society, only after he brings a certificate from the doctor proving that he has recovered.

“If there is informed and signed consent of the parents regarding the agreement to collect samples of nasopharyngeal secretions in order to test students with symptoms, then they will be able to test them, in the first stage, through rapid antigen tests, in the offices. Rapid tests will be reported. Which is performed in the school medical office at the level of the educational unit to the Public Health Directorate / Public Health Directorate in Bucharest If the parent / legal guardian does not agree to the test, in the event that specific symptoms appear, contact the family doctor in order to determine the next steps, “which is indicated in Draft joint order to approve procedures for organizing activity within educational units / institutions in epidemiological safety conditions to prevent SARS-CoV-2, if the student shows a fever during class, the isolation protocol will be applied or other symptoms of infection appear.

The authorities took into consideration, too Measures for teachers with symptoms specific to novel coronavirus infection. “The teachers, the auxiliary staff and the non-teachers who show symptoms of a potentially contagious condition (fever, cough, headache, sore throat, difficulty breathing and vomiting) shall isolate themselves at home, contact the family doctor, and inform the responsible person immediately by the administration of the educational unit,” the document also states.

At the same time, Teachers will sort notes for the children, During the session.

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