Fincimex promotes discount AIS dollar cards

The Cuban financial institution, Fincimex, recently promoted its 3% discount on purchases made in stores in freely convertible currency (MLC) in Cuba.

Amid criticism of the amount of the discount, the card issuer that operates family transfers in Cuba confirmed that the offer is valid from Mother’s Day, in Cimex and Caribbean stores and only in the MLC network. “Details, in private,” they replied to a customer.

One Cuban said, “How long ago did that happen? Because I bought mine a few days ago and didn’t see any discount.” Others have joked that Fincimex and its AIS cards are still around, after US government sanctions.

As explained by Fincimex customer service, this promotion comes from a recent Mother’s Day, although on that occasion the discount was 5%, for purchases made between 6 and 14 May.

The company did not specify how long customers in Cuba who still have AIS cards will be able to “take advantage” of the offer.

AIS card discount: TOCOPAY

Fincimex-linked money-sending platform to Cuba, TocoPay, also took the opportunity to post the offer on its institutional page.

“Pay with AIS cards in US dollars and get 3% back on your purchases at Cimex.SA Oficial Stores and CARIBE Store Chain. If you don’t have your shipment yet, order it with the first shipment through, it’s free.” mentioned.

They also clarified that “the discount is only applied when the customer makes a physical purchase with the AIS card in US dollars.”

“In these moments when we do not know how long the discount can be used, we do not have to worry, it will be published on our networks,” they explained.

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