Angela Aguilar shares 3 nail designs for the office that instantly refresh hands

Angela Aguilar He is one of the most loved personalities Panorama, as she has such a neat wardrobe, we love her best hand looks that look elegant on any occasion. For this reason, we ran to their social networks to check the best 3 designs Nails for the office Yes Instantly rejuvenates hands. You should see them!

Nails to take to the office: Angela Aguilar designed 3 beautiful and elegant nails

The translator of ‘QuĂ© Agonia’ is a big fan of acrylic nails, so she has interesting projects to design beautiful and elegant nails that are perfect for going to the office.

Design #1

Angela Aguilar has shown us that when it comes to nails, she loves a beautiful and elegant look that is perfect for going to the office. One of the classic designs chosen by the famous lady for her concerts and parades on the red carpet are square French nails. Of course, it’s a classic.

Elegant Office Perfect French Nails | G.I

Design #2

If there’s one nail that’s cute and perfect for the office, it’s definitely short wine-colored nails. This simple and elegant nail design is a classic that slims the fingers and brightens and rejuvenates the skin on your hands. Although this looks like a very simple nail style, the truth is that it instantly gives elegance and sophistication to your hands and elevates the glamor of your outfit to another level.

Angela Aguilar has elegant short nails | G.I

Design #3

Pearl nails are perfect for going to the office because apart from being cute and simple, they’re perfect for elongating your fingers and stylizing your hands. As Angela Aguilar shows in the picture shared through her social networks, use this great nail design to go to work in baby pink.

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Simple and Beautiful Pearl Nails for Office | G.I

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Now that you know these elegant and beautiful manicures that refresh hands and make fingers instantly beautiful and long, tell us which one is your favorite and if you dare to recreate the look of Angela Aguilar’s hands.

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