New congressional action affects Medicaid and SNAP

The US Congress has approved a new measure on the nation’s debt ceiling. This rule directly touches the essence of Medicaid and SNAP food stamps. Here we tell you how it affects both programs.The measure, in short, requires low-income Americans to work to receive government benefits. In particular, it points to the aforementioned programs.

In this regard, the Republican Party has expressed that the move will reduce public spending and strengthen the nation’s labor force. Either way, the already approved regulation will affect millions of people with severe financial problems. Most of them cannot afford certain foods or meet their health needs.

Democrats, on the other hand, are, after all, fiercely opposed in the Senate to labor requirements and other key aspects of the proposed legislation.

Leakage in the debt ceiling

Amid controversy over new rules from Congress, the Joe Biden administration has had to “plug” the leak in the debt ceiling. Remember that the threshold was reached in January based on Social Security spending and military salaries.

Precisely, Treasury Secretary Janet Louise Yellen announced to Congress earlier that month. There is default risk from June onwards. To avoid such an event, Congress is obligated to raise or suspend the debt ceiling. This is the only way to avoid severe economic consequences. For this, it is necessary to make cuts in expenses, as well as use incoming income to pay obligations.

By the way, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives passed a bill to increase the debt ceiling. The targets do not include cuts to Social Security or Medicare to address the debt ceiling. However, it also includes crackdowns on Medicaid and SNAP food stamps.

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