New benches and lights in Los Arces green spaces

The Minister of the Environment and Mobility, María Paz Caruso, and the District President Simon Maciel visited the square of the Los Arces neighborhood where the intervention plan carried out within the framework of the work identified with the Commission is progressively progressing. Members of the municipality’s neighborhood team also attended.

Caruso indicated that “we are working on establishing the plaza in the Los Arieses neighborhood, which is a relatively new neighborhood in our city, which contains an ambitious plaza project that we are completing in various stages. First, it is determined what afforestation is, as we will continue to add species. Also, LED lighting, and today, we put seats for the segment. In addition, the municipality has started the bidding process for the construction of the first phase of the docks, and within the framework of the public tender for children’s games, educational units will be placed so that the entire community can enjoy them. These include the Environment and Mobility, Public Works and Services, and Urban Development secretariats.

“Let’s remember that under the Hacemos Plazas scheme we operate in most of the city’s neighborhoods such as 17 de Octubre, San José and Mora. The idea is to be able to reach out to the whole community because we are clear about the value of meeting spaces and communication with the outdoors, which generates benefits in The health and well-being of citizens, especially in the development of childhood. . caruso.

For his part, Simon Maciel said: “We came to see the banks, there are employees from the municipality working. The neighbors are happy, they have been asked and informed. Everything that goes on adds up. Many children come from the neighborhood to play ball, and at night the LED lighting helps a lot. Now they will bring a game for the children.” To be used also, and little by little the square takes shape.

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Environmental care

The municipality proposed this improvement plan with a focus on adding quality of life to the community, and encouraging nurture of nature by providing accessibility and quality to adjacent spaces owned by neighbors.

For this reason, a new tender that will add games in other spaces is being awarded. It plans to be able to reach all sectors that need it.

In response among others to SDG 3 (the Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the United Nations) to ensure a healthy life, the local state seeks to provide spaces for people to be physically active, in order to strengthen and transform our society. alive.


It is also important to note that one-way traffic will soon be implemented, within the framework of Decree No. 54502, to provide road planning and safety for the sector.

The growth of the sector and the installation of services, such as the new hospital, requires measures to make the sector more organized.

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