Netflix U.S. shootings require COVID vaccination certification


Netflix Vaccination certification against COVID-19 is required from all Workers Participate in any of its products United States.

The TV site Is Hollywood’s first studio That This action is required, This time it will only be used ‘Zone A’ of his shootingsThe Hollywood Reporter reports that this includes actors.

The Trade Unions Refers to actors, screenwriters and other experts involved Accepted the size, This in turn Help at work Because it allows some relaxation Health ethics Despite concerns about expansion Delta variant.

Only certain religious, medical, or age reasons for not being vaccinated will be accepted as exceptions.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was established in May People who have been fully vaccinated in the United States may go without masks Most of the time, even if you are indoors or with a large group.

But last week the virologist Anthony Fossie He agreed that they were now considering recommending vaccination Wear the masks again, An increase in infectious diseases leading to the country “In the wrong direction.”

White House spokesman, Jen Saki, Confirmed on Monday that the government’s mission is headed Joe Biden Is to maintain current travel restrictions.

He also recalled that in the case of the United States, the delta variant was spreading across the country and the rest of the world Has caused a new wave It mainly affects unannounced people and they hope this will continue in the coming weeks.

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