Are you screening Galata? Adamari Lopez will offer a new opportunity for love

Indicates that everything is popular Transmitting Adamari Lopez He has already found himself offering a new opportunity in love, and today we tell you who is the heartbeat that thousands of people are talking about today.

After many setbacks in love, Adamari Lopez will be ready for a new emotional relationship, and even though she announced her separation from Tony Costa half a year ago, love will begin to smile. Adrian de Monte, Así se payla project partner.

As they announced, Adamari would offer himself a new opportunity in matters Cupid With Adrian de Monte.

Initially, de Monte’s real name was Adrian Gomez Rodriguez, according to the American media, who was of Cuban descent (with a Latin taste) aged 31 and divorced.

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In the middle of the show he is famous for his roles TV soaps Like: Who’s Who ?, Señora Acero and La doble vida de Estela Carrillo and even the winner of the Reto 4 Elements reality show.

The truth is that Adrian de Monte offers a resemblance to Adamari Lopez’s former partners Tony Costa, Marco Antonio Rejil and Luis Fonseca.

However, what is an advantage for the actor is that they do not have the physical features he wants, along with the other actors who are attached to the driver.

Also noteworthy is the fact that this year the handsome actor divorced his wife just like Adamari.

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According to de Monte, even though he made it known in August, Puerto Rican was right in his plan to lead the Latin people in the United States, Hoi Tia.

For a few months now we have been deciding our personal and emotional life, but I would say Sandy is the woman of my life, in a certain way we have already been in a relationship for 10 years.

In fact, like Adamari, Adrian de Monte did not explain the reasons for his split with Sandra Itzl; However, he promised that the two were very good friends and that he was the woman of his life.

These are the situations that happen, we are not going to give many details about why this happened, I hope I feel relaxed at this moment in my life, I know that as a woman I did everything I could, I was a better wife, at that time I did what I could as a woman , I think we were good friends, ”he said.

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