A worker sues Tesla for the “rampant sexual harassment” of which she has been a victim for years at the Fremont plant


November 20, 2021 01:46 GMT

The employee asserts that “nightmare” working conditions are reinforced by supervisors and plant managers.

A Tesla employee filed a lawsuit with the California Supreme Court in Alameda County on Friday, accusing supervisors and managers at the Fremont plant of creating “conditions” [laborales] nightmare “Sexual Harassment Rampant” It has lasted for years.

In the suit, Jessica Barazza Confirms That middle managers helped create Spread of a culture of sexual harassment Through excessive use of abusive or degrading language when referring to women, sexist behaviour, comments referring to workers’ bodies and even denouncing everyday touch.

“Ms Barezah has been humiliated and embarrassed by being called daily by names she cannot bear to repeat. […] Her sense of security and power had been eroded by repeated touching against her will. His self-image and self-esteem were affected,” stated the judicial proceeding.

In this sense, the 38-year-old notes that she began experiencing panic attacks after a worker slipped her leg between her leg at the end of September, a situation that worsened when she was asked to participate in group physical activity with her colleagues. From the work that supposedly built it.

After these incidents, the employee’s condition was diagnosed Post Traumatic Stress DisorderHe is undergoing medical treatment to reduce anxiety levels.

According to the document, Barraza is calling for Tesla to be compensated for the harassment, as well as a court order compelling the company to implement a series of measures and policies to prevent workplace harassment, as well as put in place monitoring and reporting mechanisms to ensure employee integrity.

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