Netflix: This Mexican movie based on real events was nominated for Best Picture; Are you going to cry | Trailer

In recent weeks, people have been wondering more about new trends or their favorite topics like some movies or series compiled on Netflix.

In this sense, people wonder what can be seen in the streaming giant, Netflix, You can find different types of movies with different themes and genres.

Despite the competition, Netflix continues to be one of the most sought after platforms worldwide, mainly dedicated to the seventh art classic from the best releases in the movie world.

What Netflix wants to see

In this sense, people who subscribe to this type of site seek entertainment with their loved ones; Some people like comedy type products to look relaxed and fun, while others like shocking stories full of emotional moments that invite them to reflect.

Little by little, various audiovisual products have merged into the platform, and they are positioning themselves as users ’favorite on the platform adding more and more content and users.

As with the audiovisual product, it is currently widespread List of streaming giants, Netflix, it will make you reflect on the injustices of life.

What’s new on stage

This October, various audiovisual products are joining the stage as part of the premiere for kids and adults alike, but some tapes and series have become classics on and off stage.

For this reason, we have created a selection of a stunning Mexican movie to watch with your loved ones next weekend or Monday night.

That’s one Film production Thousands of users of this streaming site have commented, and it joins the platform to satisfy various users.

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A Mexican movie

In this case, we are referring to the film “Xeros” directed by Mexican Alonso Ruizpalasios, a road movie production in black and white in 4: 3 format, and set during a strike at UNAM 1999-2000.

ZerosSombra and Santos follow the story of two undergraduates, who, due to the strike, spend money at their apartment located in Gopilko, money, small meals, alcohol and tobacco.

However, everything changes when Sombra’s mother sends her brother Thomas to live in Mexico City, he comes from his hometown of Veracruz, so they soon discover that he has been admitted to his father’s music statue hospital. In a hospital, so they decide to go on a trip to find him, because his childhood marked an important way.

A journey full of learning

During this exciting but full-fledged learning journey among the youth, he takes them to the facilities taken from Ciudad University, where they meet Ana, an interesting, cultured and university leader who joins this emotional journey to showcase the student strike life. After listening to Epicmanio’s music, according to well-known legend, “Bob made Dylan cry once”, and was on the list of Avant-Garde’s Rock and Wheels Festival.

Nominated for Best Picture, Best Photography and Best Motion Picture at the Ariel Awards, it later won the Golden Bear for Best First Show at the Berlin International Film Festival. Panorama section.

Here we show you Product trailer The Mexican hosted on Netflix was selected as one of the 100 best Mexican films, thus ranking 29th in the selection:

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