Neighbors: There is a day for George! Find out who the woman who will be a part of your family is: Photo

Show “Next” The San Angel TV station is presenting its new episodes as part of its Sunday program, this time with the protagonist of this episode being “George Joyce”.

This loving character who governs Manual “Flacco” Epis Now he is living in a special moment and after finding out that he has a daughter in this series, he is looking for a reunion with his father.

I did not want to meet her

Significantly, his daughter, by name Georgina, Comes looking for her father who is surprised during the exchange of the episode, for a special reason, because he does not want to meet her again.

He has no intention of seeing her at first because he says that he does not want his daughter to see her because she looks undeniable, but with what he does not think Georges His daughter Georgina was listening to everything behind him.

She shows him “the daughter of a tiger.”

When he finally returned, realizing his daughter was behind him and hearing everything, he wanted to go in for a touch, pointing to two neighbors who had to go to the movies.

However, he does not escape, and at the end of the day, Georgina begins to teach her father the whole discourse on how to ask for money on the street on the first day of her appearance so that her daughter can affect him and Luisito …


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