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A total of 4 ′ 656,426 (52.36%) voters supported the bilingualism of the president of the CREO-PSC coalition, which supported Guillermo Lasso and Alfredo Porero.

Unanimously, that is, with the votes of the five members of the National Electoral Council (CNE), the report of the final results of the second round of the Presidential and Presidential elections was approved this Sunday morning. Thus April 11 announces the total number of results, which confirms Guillermo Lasso and Ecuador’s President and Vice President Alfredo Porero received 52.36% of the vote.

The National Electoral Council completed a 100% minute survey of the President and Vice President

The full approval of the report and the declaration of the numerical results occurred as soon as the full CNE became aware of the election numerical results of the jurisdictions of Morona Santiago, Pastasa, USA and Canada. Europe, Asia and Oceania and Latin America, Caribbean and Africa. Reading these data, as a continuation of the National Public Observer study, there was no observation on the part of the directors.

With no appeals to be resolved, 4’656.426 (52.36%) of the electorate supported Lasso’s candidacy after reading the final report of the results of the President’s and President’s rallies; Aras supported him with 4’236,515 (47.64%) people.

In this second round of voting, a total of 174,349 (1.61%) white votes and 1,761,433 (16.26%) votes were counted. Nothing. A total of 13′107,457 voters were registered, 39,985 voting receipt boards were activated, with a total of 10,829,823 voters testifying.

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CNE Vice President Enrique Pita promised 100% results Election results obtained from nationally researched records Abroad an important step was taken in the democratic life of Ecuador. “We have proven to be an honest community that respects respect, dignity and democratic principles.”

Pita stated that on election day last April 11, 2.03% more citizens showed up to vote and were “only” 6.72% increase in false votes at this moment Election round with the first election held last February 7th.

From the results known by the full session of CNE this Sunday morning, Morona was seen in Santiago, Pastasa, USA and Canada and Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa. Guillermo voted for Lasso 69.21%, 73.37%, 53.27% and 53.35% respectively.

In contrast, Gorista candidate Andres Aras received a majority of the vote in the electoral jurisdiction of Europe, Asia and Oceania. There, Aras Lasso received 63.59% of the vote and 36.41% of the vote.

Absenteeism in the second presidential round of elections was ‘minor’

Consultant Estella Azero explained that the two political organizations had once announced these Results, they can use the resources installed in the code Of democracy. “This electoral process is clean, transparent and the will of the Ecuadorian people expressed in the elections is respected.”

For his part, consultant Luis Verdisoto explained these results once they were presented, and regardless of the evidence of the exact process that appears, CNE has completed its work For “mobilizing the will of the people of Ecuador”.

“This time the protagonist will not be ours, it will be the chosen ones and whoever it is Elected President of Ecuador and the National Assembly. In this way, the basic function of the college body is completed, ”Verdisoto pointed out. (I)

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