Neighbors enjoy meeting space in Parque Educativo Noroeste »Municipalidad de Córdoba

  • During the year, the Foundation has a network of more than 46 permanent activities, organized into different nodes.
  • More than 600 residents of the area participate.

Through the program “Social-educational Contract: Learning and Action in Society”, promoted by the Municipality of Córdoba, through the Minister of Education, different proposals for experimentation and learning are presented that link different areas of knowledge and knowledge to the public.

Under this node, physical education and sports practices are carried out for boys, girls, youth and adults, with the aim of improving their quality of life, acquiring the techniques of each sporting discipline, learning to work as a team and promoting healthy competition from childhood to adulthood. Activities include: all-around gymnastics, gymnastics for seniors, aerobics, functional training, holistic yoga, basketball, dribbling, hockey, figure skating, and more.

Also, creative thinking is encouraged at all ages and culture is approached by teaching different artistic disciplines such as plastic arts in “Playing with Art”, “Art Workshop”, “Circular Economy Workshop”, rhythm activities, urban dances and mixes, Argentine folk dances, children’s orchestra Youth, theater, photography and stop motion.

On the other hand, mental health is dealt with through the workshops “Self-Encounters Course” that focus on self-knowledge and thinking through psychological techniques that are comprehensively addressed by a specialist in the region. On the other hand, in the “Garden Workshop” talks are given by professionals to encourage self-cultivation of food and to learn about the seasons of each vegetable or fruit and the correct treatment of the land.

Regarding the program of work implemented in the park, the Minister of Education, Horacio Ferreira commented: “Many educational and citizen-building experiences have been generated for girls and boys, youth and adults, as well as a place where opportunities are provided for seniors.”

He added at the same time: “We highlight the strong interconnectedness with schools and kindergartens in the region and with other educational and community institutions that value the collective building of education throughout life in our city. Our country’s Mayor, Martin Lariora, also emphasizes that education is a priority and our neighbors should have more and better opportunities to learn in the city. “.

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Park with prospects

This node covers the implementation of agreements with the Undersecretary of the Municipal Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Employment Promotion and Family Economy of the Cordoba Provincial Government, CORLAB of the Secretariat for Modernization, universities and private companies. Within this framework, courses have been introduced on “Telephone and Digital Sales Agent”, “Community Manager and Digital Marketing” and “Content Maker for Social Networks” that work in the CopA Learning Opportunities Center and allow neighbors to complete their initial studies and finish trade courses.

Since the beginning of 2022, we have implemented a wide and diverse proposal in the park, with a network of sporting, recreational, artistic and cultural activities. We focused on training and training proposals, as well as educational proposals, that focused on technology. In the second half of the year, we will continue to strengthen and expand this line of work, which has now been enriched with CREA Technoteca, said Eugenia Rotundi, Director of Educational Parks.

Other projects

A major milestone at this time was the creation of the first Municipal Technotheque “CREA”, a proposal that cuts across different areas of knowledge and is designed to offer technological tools for creating audiovisual products, computer skills, robotics and programming. In addition, through the player space or a small cinema, there is the possibility of entertainment and learning using e-sports, among other educational proposals.

Technological tools are also an important part of this project through the “knowledge pool” node, where residents are provided technical and human resources to teach programming, Microsoft Office, computer literacy, among other contents. In contrast, online procedures are carried out through the national Punto Digital program, such as Mi Argentina and CIDI Level 2

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On the other hand, other activities are carried out with the Scout Group – within the External Centers project – and measures to promote rights – within the framework of the CERCA program -.

Deputy Director Lydia Avila expressed her happiness, saying: “The community is back to enjoy and customize these spaces. This is thanks to the work of a great team of people who are constantly building proposals that respond to community requests.”

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