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At the Domingo Faustino Sarmiento Industrial School of the University of San Francisco, spaces have been operating for some time where the community of students and other institutions travel and connect with different epistemologies. These are the scientific clubs that have been operating at full capacity for a week within the framework of the World Science and Technology Day, which was recently held on April 10 and is commemorated by the Argentine Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Bernardo Houssay.

This week's Saturday morning will conclude with the Astronomy Club, where there will be activities such as talks, discussion and preparation for the Astronomy Olympiad at the national level. The different proposals developed with students and teachers were the Eco Club; Chess Club (an incentive to awaken the strategic sense); Social Sciences Club; – Scientific Club “New World”; Crystallography Club. Nanotechnology Club; 3D Printing Club; Coding Club; Robotics Club; Entrepreneurs Club through the Recrearte project, and the Movement Club.

The clubs are organized by the Research Office of the Industrial School. “We propose to operate different clubs with the aim of contributing to the generation of entrepreneurship and innovative ideas, bringing together our students, and promoting the development of scientific and technological skills, abilities and attitudes. We seek to promote the permanent practice of research to promote scientific and technological careers, and to highlight On knowledge for every student.

Why this initiative from a public university school? “Because the population needs a scientific and technological culture to approach and understand the complex global nature of contemporary reality, and to acquire skills that allow them to function in everyday life, in relation to their health, food production, study of various social structures, etc.,” said Hermann.

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