Adamari Lopez opens up about the stage she felt so in love with Toni Costa

It has been three years since Adamari Lopez split from Tony Costa And to this day they continue to provide content that occupies major headlines in the entertainment medium. In turn, the TV anchor got a chance to recall a special moment where she fell in love with him more.

“When I was pregnant with Alaya, I feel like Tony kept me in a lot of detail. I think it was precisely at that moment when I realized how in love I was. It has been a great love ever since. We had already been there for two or three years when I got pregnant with Aaliyah. “Those little details, for me, make a difference and make me fall more in love with that person,” she said in a new episode of 'Dixuals.'

Although their love affair did not last, Adamari continues to cherish that memory and gratitude. She recognizes that her relationship with Tony has taught her many things about herself and what she looks for in a partner, and she is grateful for everything they've been through together. Despite the separation, the two maintain loving treatment and respect for their daughter's well-being.

Adamari Lopez really enjoyed her pregnancy with Tony Costa.
Adamari Lopez really enjoyed her pregnancy with Tony Costa.
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That gesture, added to the way the Spanish dancer always supported and cared for her, made the prominent TV host and actress fall deeply in love with him.

Adamari has made it clear that she will always recognize the qualities and gestures that made her fall in love with her little girl's father. Although they are no longer a couple, they will always have a special bond because of their love for Alaya, which prevents them from being affected by their differences as adults.

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For Lopez, the Zumba instructor will always be an important part of her story and her heart. Even if you are no longer together, the memories of your time together will be treasures that you will cherish forever.

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