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The concert for National Band Day 2022 in Las Vegas was a huge success due to the efforts of each artist and / or group to entertain their fans, but also to the controversy of thanking the youth. Who does not respect .

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It was seen by those present at the concert Nathanwell He had a very ugly gesture with the famous Mexican regional group because he made obscene hand gestures to the members, proving his discomfort at the time.

Miss Band was hit by some obscene gestures by Nathanel Canoe at a concert in Las Vegas. (Photo: MS Band).

What happened to the NATANAEL CANO?

According to what you see and hear in the pictures of videos posted on social networking sites, Nathanwell He is shouted at by the participants for an unknown reason, which is something that bothers him.

For members’ advertising Banda M.S., Something that was taken in very bad taste mainly among the fans of the group. In fact, he threw away his glasses and the microphone he was holding in his hand.

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MS Band responds to NATANAEL CANO

In some reports collected by the “Hoi Thea” program The members of the MS band talked about it with great good vibes because in one way or another, it seems to understand the attitude of that young man.

“Nothing will happen. He was angry at the wrong people. The product told us to go upstairs because it was our turn. When we saw him throwing glasses and microphones, I thought it was part of his show, but he raised his finger towards us.Specific members Banda M.S..

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Natanel Cano apologizes for what happened

Through a series of stories posted on his Instagram account, Nadanel Cano offered his protection and explained why he had this reaction, although he denied that he was attracted to the concert attendees, although the videos proved otherwise.

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According to him, his musicians had a specific time to sing, but they withdrew without warning, which created great discomfort on his part, venting his anger by making some false gestures towards a larger photo of the MS band.

“There are always misunderstandings, but Nattison should be shouted at, yes, no. Sorry MS band, because it was this time, it was instantaneous. , But they did not hurt me. “Some of his claims.

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