NASA probe makes closest approach to Jupiter’s moon in 20 years

NASA’s Juno spacecraft makes closest flyby of Europa in more than 20 years (AP)

The Juno space probeof PotThis Thursday is his Jupiter’s moon Europa has been flying very close for more than 20 years. As studies indicate, this satellite is approximately the size of Earth’s moon.

Juno – which has been orbiting there since July 2016 – passed 357 kilometers from icy Europa, where an ocean must be under a thick layer of ice, almost without relief. On its white surface you can see many dark craters, which may be rock material from deeper layers. However, in other areas, irregularly shaped glaciers are observed to be attached to each other.

Science finds Europe an interesting case study. That is why this concept feeds the theory that there is Underwater life and excites scientists with the possibilities of discovery Columns of water erupting from the surface.

“We have to be in the right place at the right time, but if we’re lucky, it’s definitely a home run,” said Juno mission lead scientist Scott Bolton of the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio.

John Boddy, deputy director of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, explained that he expects the probe to pass “very quickly” at speeds of nearly 14 miles per second.

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope (AFP) captured stunning images of Jupiter, two small moons, faint rings and auroras at the north and south poles.
NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (AFP) captured stunning images of Jupiter, two small moons, faint rings and auroras at the north and south poles.

NASA announced that the images obtained by Juno will be available on Friday. These new observations contain a Very high detail Thanks to the improved camera and more powerful tools. As it flew past midnight, the light came from the sun’s reflection in the planet’s clouds.

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All these images will help plan the work of the agency. Europe Clipperwill be published in 2024. Likewise, the European Space Agency is also planning close encounters with its probe JuiceWhose release will take place 2023.

Juno planned to complete 37 orbits around Jupiter within two years. Despite the slowness with which he performs them, this is already his 45th number, surpassing the initial number. Their only goal is to explore this planet. In June of last year, it was located a thousand kilometers from Jupiter’s largest satellite Ganymede, and due to its speed, only a few images were obtained -albeit in excellent quality-.

Before this flyby, NASA made a close approach to the moon Europa 2000 With your research Galileo. On that occasion, it covered 351 kilometers and till date, it holds the closest record.

In February 2024, the last encounter will be with Juno’s orbit 58. will be with Here it isConsidered a world of four hundred volcanoes, another record will be set for exploration by widely surpassing its time in the environment.

(With information from AP)

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