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One of the most famous mysteries of our solar system is the “hidden side” of the Moon. In this regard, the The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has revealed an amazing capture on that side of the moon.

First, the space agency asserts that labeling the far side of the moon the “dark side” is a misnomer because it receives nearly as much sunlight as the near side.

According to NASA's description, the far side of the moon has more craters, but fewer large, dark basaltic plains formed by early volcanic eruptions.They are named lunar seas and can be identified because they are extensive areas Darkness that can be easily noticed.

The US space agency explains that these areas were named so because ancient astronomers believed they were oceans due to their large size and dark color.

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Can the dark side of the moon be seen from Earth?

Because we always observe the same side of the Moon because it is blocked by Earth's tides, NASA clarifies that this is not possible. That is, the orbital period of the Moon has the same period as its rotation on its axis. On our planet, the moon takes an entire month to make one revolution.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the Far Side of the Moon is made up of 15,000 images captured by NASA, a space probe designed to explore the Moon.

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