NASA causes panic by accidentally sending a simulation of a space emergency

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (pot) An astronaut in space accidentally caused alarm among some social media users by broadcasting an emergency, which was thankfully false.

This week, the agency's YouTube channel released an audio in which a woman served as a guide to the crew, saying, “Check the pulse and administer oxygen,” “Help the commander put the suit back on,” and “Unfortunately, the prognosis for the commander is very poor.” It is also reported that one of the crew members fell ill while they were on the International Space Station.

Considering the confusion created, NASA explained through its official X account that it has moved away from the current simulation, which is part of regular training for crew and ground teams, which prepares them for various scenarios that may arise during a mission.

“There is no emergency aboard the International Space Station. At approximately 5:28 p.m. CDT, audio from a ground simulation audio channel was transmitted on NASA's live feed indicating that a crew member was experiencing effects related to decompression sickness (DCS). This was not related to an actual emergency.” They described.

Additionally, they noted that the crew on the station was resting during the transfer: “Everyone is healthy and safe, and tomorrow's spacewalk will begin as scheduled at 8 a.m. EDT,” they added in a statement released yesterday.

The message reassures users who expressed relief at the false alarm: “They had many of us on the verge of turning blue”, “It's a relief, I'm so glad everyone is safe, sound and safe”, “That was scary to hear, knowing that everything is fine in space.” Delighted,” they commented.

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So far, the agency has not released any further details about the incident.

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