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Turkish soap opera “”(” Kissim “in its original language) was a successful production that reached Europe and Latin America and became an international success. Countries such as Spain, Chile, Argentina and Peru have warmly welcomed the story of Saika (Bern Kokioldus), Canton (Laila Lydia Tuzutlu) and Demir (Bukra Kolsai).

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Is one of the statistics of Ottoman fiction Known around the world since its first broadcast September 19, 2018. With its only season, in 34 chapters, Was able to win the hearts of the people.

For many viewers, this was a revolution of ideas . It happened to the protagonists of the story, and it ended May 31, 2019.

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Bugra Gulsoy Dio vida a , A swindler who is suddenly in the care of his daughter StoryI don’t know who he is. But she became his first salvation Prison, Then loneliness.

How did the life of Bakra Kolso change with “My Doctor”?

Bukra Kolsoy said with his character In the Turkish soap opera “”, Changed his perspective on fatherhood because, while filming fiction, he became a father.

“I have to say that this series gave me the opportunity to ‘train’ my parents. In that sense being a father in real life during the filming of a series is a great opportunity for me. It made it easier for me to understand the emotions of my character Demir.”, Revealed .

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Colchoy got her little girl Cem, With his second wife Lotus. His son is now two years old, which marks a radical change in the life of the Turkish actor. “At first it brought with it a great responsibility. It was a whole new experience to feel the immense, eternal love of protecting someone you first met. Cem taught me to be ‘we’, not ‘I’.”, He pointed out.

What is the disease from “my jaw”?

In the Turkish soap opera “My Daughter”, the protagonist Psyche suffers Genetic disease Known as very rare and dangerous Neiman-Big disease. So, Demir and Canton are looking for a way to give the girl a better life and treatment.

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