Is Sofia Vergara Single Again? There are rumors of a rift with Joe Manganello

10:29 am

Sofia Vergara He went to celebrate Italy on his 51st birthday. In all your social media posts She was celebrating and looking happy, but nowhere was she seen with her partner, actor Joe Manganiello.

Rumors of Possible separation They did not wait, but kindled the fires of speculation A brief congratulatory message from the actor To Barranquilla, described by many as cold.

“Happy birthday Sofia!!!”, Manganiello wrote on his Instagram account alongside a photo of himself hugging and smiling with Sofia.

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A closer look at the actress’s Instagram account reveals that Her partner was with her in Italy, But the pictures are from past vacations, and some of them are from 2019, photos she had already shared that year on the same social network.

The photos are accompanied by the hashtag TBT – short for Throwback Thursday – and the post was made on June 29. Since then, she has not shared any content with her husband.

Waking up here on my 51st birthday! More health, dreams, energy (my knees already hurt, yes) but So happy to be alive! Thanks everyone for the little messages,” Totti wrote from Italy’s Isle of Capri.

That’s all for now They are rumours, that’s all.

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