Muncy dispara 2 HR y LA tunde a Rockies

DENVER – Max Muncie had two home runs and four hits, adding four extra-base wins, including the Mookie Bets home run, as the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Colorado Rockies 9-2.

The Bates had to come out with a hip problem, which did not prevent the Dodgers from putting together a fourth win.

Munshi did homework in his last two ad-pads and finished with five RBIs.

Walker Buhler (10-1) made seven solid innings to reach double digits in wins this season. He retired his last 13 opponents after allowing Ryan McMahon to double out at the bottom of the third inning.

In that extension, he had six of his eight strikes.

A.J. Pollack also homemade, while Justin Turner scored two runs in the ninth inning, while Knight of Reliever Jack Roscap on Mansi’s second home run.

The Dodgers have their eighth win against the Rockies since losing their season opener in Colorado.

The loser was Kyle Freeland (1-4), who served in six innings and allowed three runs and six wins. He hit four.

As for the Dodgers, the Albert Pujols are 5-1.

As for the Rockies, they did not attack the Latin Americans.

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