La Nación / Students of the last years of Health Sciences prepare to be immunized tomorrow

The Ministry of Education and Sciences (MEC) recognizes that a greater presence can be returned to the educational classes of the national public system after the winter holidays in August. This will be possible thanks to the fact that a large majority of teachers have already been vaccinated against COVID-19 and there is also a general predisposition to seek the mechanisms of a gradual return to normality.

This was stated by the Minister of Education and Sciences, Juan Manuel Brunetti, during an interview he had with the radio station 780 AM. The high official mentioned that currently a little less than 30% of the students have been in face-to-face classes without interruption since the beginning of the year. “What we hope is that by the second semester we will have more children in the classrooms,” he commented.

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In that order, the minister indicated that they will speak with teachers and unions, parents and students, to try to agree on the mechanisms in order to increase the presence of educational classes.

On the percentage of 30% of boys who currently attend in the face-to-face modality, Brunetti pointed out that this corresponds more to rural areas, not so hit by the coronavirus. “Where we have less internet connectivity, is where we have greater presence. The children and the teachers know that if they do not go to class it is difficult to carry out the activities ”, he continued.

On the other hand, he highlighted the large percentage of teachers in the national public system who have already been inoculated against the coronavirus, at least with the first dose.

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“As of last Monday night, we registered 59,963 vaccinated teachers out of the total of 71,207 that we have in the public system. We must remember that among the first vaccinated, teachers over 50 years of age, there were already about 11,114, with which now we have jumped to almost 60,000 teachers, “he said.

Also, the minister mentioned that during this week and the next the recess will continue. However, he mentioned that the following week the trainings for teachers will begin, also to analyze what the first semester was and to enter into the organization of the entire agenda for the second semester.

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“We are going to work together and try to agree on a safe return to classes process. We see unions that agree to go back to school as soon as possible. We must sit down to announce an exact date. The teachers have to go back to the classrooms, we cannot force the parents and the children, but the teachers have to go back. The ministry complied with the payment of the salary and the teachers also made the effort to sustain this process from a distance ”, he concluded.

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