Motorcyclist records getting “bitten” by CDMX police for encroaching on restricted lane

Motorcyclist recorded CDMX police asking for 'bait'.  Photo: Twitter video capture via @MrElDiablo8

On August 15, journalist Jorge Beceril shared a video in which you can see the moment a policeman from Mexico City’s Secretariat of Civil Protection (SSC) is asked to “bite” a motorcyclist. Let him continue on his way.

“I was in a hurry, wanted to get there fast, I entered the Maxibus lane, don’t do that,” reads the post taken by the same biker, who can be seen in the pictures passing two cars. He continued to weave between cars, and a few meters away, a uniformed man cut him off to stop him.

Why are you coming for prisoner my friend?” asked the identified police officer M. Rivera Z., then the motorcyclist lied: “I came in to take out some cars. It didn’t come, I got in and got out. The uniformed man asked for his license and said it was pending and he did not have the document to authenticate it.

So someone from SSC questioned him: “So what do you want to do? Your fine is $2,200 pesos.” So, resigned, the motorcycle rider asks him to commit the transgression, which doesn’t go well with the organ, who reprimands him.

“Do I give you transgression and everything, everything, everything? See how you look? Bro let’s talk about gentlemen. I will present you to Corralon, they will present you with the violation, even Transito will not take it for you, you know who will take it for you?, the bank and the industrial police, do you know who those men are? ?, they are in red and nothing comes up, you are already there,” continued one from SSC.

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“Let’s talk about people, I want to focus on you, what do you want for your retirement?”, The uniformed man said, so the citizen paid him, took out his wallet, and only had $220 pesos and gave him a $200 one.

After giving the ‘bite’, the cop was friendly: “Dude, no more jail time, check your license, don’t let it pass because they used it in another combo, they didn’t give it to him anymore”.

In the release, SSC commented: “Regarding this video, SSC informs that the concerned policeman appearing in the video has already been identified and suspended from his post; The Directorate of Home Affairs is conducting a related investigation.

According to CDMX’s official gazette, only elements belonging to the traffic control undersecretary in the nation’s capital, wearing a glowing green uniform with a QR code that transmits to a site, are authorized to record violations. Checked if this element is authorized.

On the other hand, in the CDMX Traffic Regulations it is mentioned in Article 21: Motorcyclists are prohibited from: Driving through lanes designated for public passenger traffic. In case of non-compliance with the provisions of this rule, the motorcyclist shall be punished with a fine of 20, 25 or 30 times the current measurement and renewal unit and six points on the driver’s license. Therefore, the maximum fine that a video operator can receive is $3,112 pesos.

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