“Motivos”, Jenny Rivera shines again in her new video

Great gift! The Riviera family has long tablecloths because they released a special video about it Singer Jenny Rivera With what Diva of the band Returns to the stage as a beautiful animated woman.

With a beautiful song “Reasons“, Dolores Johnny Rivera Chavetra She returns to the stage to sing to her most interested followers, showing that she is more alive than ever. Technology allowed the mother of Sequis Rivera to tell her story, her hard time on stage and its immense brilliance.

The whole family of internet users were delighted Jenny Rivera Meet for the occasion. At the beginning of the video, which is already available on YouTube, you can see Rosa Chavezra, the mother of La Gran Siora, presenting her family with the book “The Story of a Girl Born in Long Beach”.

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This introduction gives Jenny Rivera the prelude to a return to her animated version, a cute doll with smiling brown hair and transparent eyes who fought for her dreams. Lupilo Rivera’s sister is said to have remembered all this from the sky, from the last plane seen alive.

The motivation of the animated musician has always been the applause of his fans and the public, but above all, it shows his family. You can see the family at the end of the video clip Neighboring butterfly Animation and she takes these memories from the plane to heaven.

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This video was shared 12 hours ago and has already crossed 150 thousand views on the video platform. Motivos is available on Jenny Rivera’s official channel with over 3 million followers.

Remember that is the life of the star Song It is not easy. His beginnings in music were entertaining or coincidental. Although Dan was associated with the Riviera Guild in Puntarenas, Jenny recorded her own first cassette and gave it to him.

Ex Stephen Loisa He began to sing in small gatherings, not seeing music as his way of life; However, his talent led him to become one of the highest representatives of the Mexican regional genre.

Jenny Rivera was hugely popular in Mexico and the United States, and when she unexpectedly left, she had one of her best moments. As part of a reality show, Pasta Ya’s translator was even on television The voice, In which he worked as a coach.

The entrepreneur became his last concert, after which he boarded a plane to fly to Mexico City, the last trip of Johnny Lopez’s mother.

Enter here and show shows Web light!

Moni Sear admitted that she had warned Jenny that something very bad was about to happen, and asked her to pray for more people to avoid the situation.

Shared with him, the news broke shortly after, the plane on which Jenny Rivera was traveling crashed, leaving no one alive. The body of the singer departed, but the legend began at that time and remains forever in the hearts of his most eager followers.

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