Is Eiza Gonzalez racist towards Babs Olusanmokun? Marifer Centeno analyzes the controversial moment and finds this |VIDEO

Is Eiza Gonzalez racist towards Babs Olusanmokun? Marifer Centeno analyzed the controversial moment and found this out. Credit: TikTok/ Maryfer Centeno

Integrity Eiza Gonzalez remains The question was raised on social networks after a video of her appearing with an actor Nigeria, Babs Olusanmogun, It went viral, prompting accusations of racism for not maintaining eye contact with his co-worker. The reason why the Mexican actress is still 'on everyone's lips'.

However, the protagonist True loves He quickly clarified the situation, explaining that the three-second footage was misinterpreted because the two actors, who were actually friends, had arrived at the event together and were preparing for a group photo when the video was captured.

Better to try to destroy a person's integrity.. Bobs is a friend and we came to the event together. This 3 second video shows us standing in line for the cast to take a photo Henry [Cavill] He was coming and we both congratulated him on the birth of the baby. Babs and I were together there for 30 minutes,” the actress defended through her social networks. This comment was accompanied by a photo PopsProviding evidence of their friendship and dispelling accusations.

Users on social networks sparked a debate due to the attitude that the Mexican had on the red carpet. Credit: TikTok, column.

In González's defense, the cartographer Marifer Centeno His account analyzed the body language present in the short clip TikTok. Centeno highlighted the lack of context in the video and criticized the negative comments towards the actress.

“At no point does he make eye contact.” Eiza Gonzalez With another actor. Of course, he does with Henry Cavill. It is important to note that we do not know the context; She is the only woman in the entire cast to be proud of breaking these Mexican molds and playing roles that make us dignified,” Centeno said, underscoring the importance of not making hasty decisions based on isolated interactions.

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Centeno continued his defense by noting the existence of prejudices and a tendency to criticize without basis.

The viral moment has created waves on social media. Credit: TikTok/ Maryfer Centeno

There is no reason to think that Isa was rude. Usually the protagonists greet each other beforehand. “The biggest flaw in us is that we don't support each other,” he pointed out, calling for empathy and mutual support, especially in situations where appearances can be deceiving.

Community amid harsh comments the former singer has received LGBT+ In Mexico, Mexican pop singers have been accused and exposed of harmful intentions, although the reasons are unknown, as the case of Eiza Gonzalez included. Danna -Paola-, Anahi And also Belinda.

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