Most stolen Costco products: Dyson, Gillette and more

A Costco employee in Manhattan, New York, shared a… Image on Reddit Show products More stolen in store. Customers believe the increase in self-checkouts is the reason behind these thefts.

Here are the seven most stolen Costco products in 2024, which happened at one store in New York.

1. Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner

Topping the list, Dyson cordless vacuums have caused losses of $6,210 so far this year. These high-value items attract thieves because they are easy to resell.

2. Gillette men's razor

Second, refills of Gillette men's razor blades saw thefts totaling $6,189. Knives are small and easy to hide, making them a popular target.

3. Kirkland paper towels

Surprisingly, Kirkland paper towels rank third on the list Losses of $5,021. Although they are bulky in size, the high demand for them seems to lead to theft.

4. Duracell batteries

Duracell batteries valued at $2,527 were stolen, ranking fourth. Their small size and constant demand make batteries an easy target.

5. Centrum women’s vitamins

In fifth place, Centrum Women's gummy vitamins posted a loss of $3,407. Vitamin supplements are expensive and easy to hide, which explains why they are frequently stolen.

6. Duracell AAA batteries

Duracell AAA batteries made the list again, with total thefts reaching $2,916. Their small size makes them a frequent target for criminals.

7. Vitamin D3 supplements

Finally, vitamin D3 supplements came in seventh place, with a disappearance value of $1,694. Like other nutritional supplements, its high value makes it very attractive to thieves.

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