Abinader leaves for Switzerland tomorrow for the summit

President Louis Abinader will travel to Switzerland tomorrow to participate in a peace summit in Ukraine, where almost 90 countries have already confirmed, although by midday the National Palace had not officially announced the trip and its exhaustive agenda.

On May 28, the President Abinatar, He was engaged in Lisbon and accepted an invitation to attend a peace conference in Ukraine.

Confirmation of the trip was made with Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa during his visit to the European country in joint statements at the Palacio de Belém.

Four thousand soldiers

The Swiss government said 4,000 soldiers would be deployed to provide security and support for aviation, surveillance and the deployment of security fences and steel wire.

The Dominican President will travel with a delegation led by Foreign Affairs Minister Roberto Alvarez.

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Abinadar said last Monday that he will go to Switzerland to meet the world leaders of countries like USA, France, Germany, Colombia and Chile, starting on the 15th and ending on the 16th, to promote world peace. Especially in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

World peace is the universal will and desire of all people of good will, while recognizing that the United States, particularly regional countries, have the power and ability to promote peace.

Even if Russia does not participate in the meeting, he believes the message of peace conveyed by the participants will be significant.

Swiss President Viola Amherd told reporters that the summit on Saturday and Sunday will aim to pave the way for a possible peace, 28 months after Russian forces invaded Ukraine and continued fighting.

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“This is not propaganda,” Amherd said. “This is the basis of the humanitarian aid provided by Switzerland and about starting a dialogue.”

At least 70 heads of state and government have confirmed their presence at the June 15 and 16 Conference on Peace in Ukraine, most of them Latin American leaders.


Presidents of Latin American countries close to Russia, such as Cuba, Venezuela or Nicaragua, will not visit Switzerland.

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