Morning Report: Daniel Gormier responds to Dana White that Kabib Noormakomedov may fight again

Last month UFC 254. Lightweight Champion Kabib Noormagomedov Successfully defended his title against Justin Keith He then announced his retirement from the game, citing the death of his father Abdul Manab and the promise he made to his mother to stop the match. Within days of his announcement, the UFC president Dana White Kabib suggested not to do it all, and he hopes the lightweight champion will return at least once to continue the 30-0 record. But whether or not Dana White believes it to be true, not everyone else is so sure, including Kabib’s friend and former player of the team, the former two-division champion Daniel Carmier.

Spoke on his ESPN show DC & Helwani, Gormier hopes Kabeeb will change his mind, but what Dana White should do as a publicist in the hope that he is a fighter.

“The only thing I said to Kabib was, ‘Brother, you have the shortest rest in history. You rested for three days! ” Gormier joked. “We weren’t involved much in it. We laughed a little bit about it, but you know what, if you’re Dana White, I think you’re saying what you need to do. I hope Kabib wants to do just that.

“If you’m Dana White and the UFC, you’d believe Kabib wants to do it, but as I said last week, if Kabeeb Normaghometov gives his word, it’s usually a fact. No, I’m not going to judge him if he comes back. For God’s sake he’s 32 years old, he can still win everyone in the world, but if he says it’s his word, I will take him.

Kabib’s retirement is sure to be the subject of many speculations in the coming months. For one thing, if he really pulls out of the MMA, it leaves a vacancy on top of the best section of the game. Again, the general consensus is that the rumor in between is an upcoming review Connor McGregor And Dustin Fourier Will be for the vacant title, but it should give the impression that UFC Noormagomedov is retired and so far, Dana White insists that they will not remove her title from the cupboard. For Gormier, this is a good business. Given the value that Kabib brings to the table, DC argues that there is no reason to rush out of the lightweight champion.

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“Now it’s smarter,” Gormier said of removing Normagomedo. “I think it’s smart, it’s worth talking about …” Henry Sejudo The same night they announced that he was finished Peter Yan Someone is going to fight for that title. You don’t have to do it with Kabib Normakomedo. You sit back and believe. You sit back and wait, believe me. As Dana said, he was very emotional. You could see it, it came out of him. So you sit back and wait, you hope the position changes, and you get that thirtieth fight.

“You (even) don’t have to make a decision in January. I think you can wait until next summer … The truth is, with epidemics and everything gone, Kabib is going to fight in April, but he’s not fighting until October (and) no one is yelling, ‘Take the belt off him.’ You have time for Kabib Normakomedo, and if he needs more time to push, he will create another interim title and he will bring down the interim champion. This is what has happened the last two times. ”

Narmachodov has a history of facing interim champions, having done so in his last two title defenses. Gormier argues that creating the opportunity for the third time will be UFC’s best interest, because if McGregor wins that interim title, it will be the best shot to get Normachodo on the walk one more time.

“If McGregor wins the interim championship, can you imagine going to Kabib now and saying, ‘Hey, October, Abu Dhabi, you and McGregor are taking the boat loads again?’ You could say, and you’re getting more because it’s a home run.

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