More than 60 million people are on the alert for another winter storm

(CNN) – The fast-moving winter hurricane, which will hit parts of Kentucky and Virginia, is expected to cause widespread disruption in the Northeast this Friday and Saturday, causing 4 to 12 inches of snow in major cities.

More than 60 million people are on winter weather alert and local authorities have taken preventive measures to prepare the region for densely populated areas, including closing government offices and schools.

According to CNN meteorologist Robert Shackleford, snowfall is expected at 12 inches in Boston, 4 to 6 inches in Washington, 3 to 5 inches in New York and 4 inches in Philadelphia.

The winter weather, along with the Govt-19 disruption, caused major headaches for the passengers. Nearly 2,000 flights have already been canceled this Friday

In Connecticut, all state administrative branch office buildings will be closed this Friday and non-essential staff have been called for telecommunications.

Massive traffic congestion and power outages caused by blizzards and rain 1:03

“It appears to be a major winter storm that is affecting our state, with snowfall expected to be more than an inch per hour and causing snow conditions and emergencies in the morning,” Governor Nate Lamond said in a statement.

He also encouraged people not to go on the roads if possible.

New York City implemented its winter weather program with 330,000 tons of salt, more than 700 spreaders and more than 1,600 waiting trawlers, while neighboring New Jersey declared a state of emergency.

Governor Bill Murphy warned that a mixture of snow and wind could lead to power outages with fallen power lines. He encouraged people to make telecommunications as much as possible as the storm would make the journey dangerous.

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3,900 teams ready for snow operations

In Massachusetts, officials asked non-emergency government employees not to go to work on Fridays.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation said it has about 3,900 state and vendor equipment for snow and ice operations, including snowblows, spreader combos and front loaders, and expects to deploy about 2,500 pieces of equipment for the storm.

Boston said all public schools in the city would be closed this Friday due to “bad weather”.

Schools in the area are already facing severe staff shortages, although it is not clear how relevant Govt is.

A powerful blizzard hits Salt Lake City 0:40

In Virginia, the National Guard is mobilizing to manage emergencies as it faces its second winter storm this week, according to Major General Tim Williams of the Virginia Army and Air National Guard. Governor Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency.

Jeff Orok, a meteorologist in charge of the National Weather Service, said the next storm will be small but will hit storm-like areas in Virginia earlier this week.

“Usually we see three to four inches with some isolated dimensions, 4 to 6 inches at high altitudes, and 6 to 8 inches at the same peak,” Orak added, adding that “there is a possibility of further snowfall. 5 to 6 inches above the I-95 pavement.” .

Federal government offices and Washington public schools will be closed this Friday. However, Mayor Muriel Bowser said some Govt-19 testing and vaccination centers would remain open.

Winter weather also affects the Govt-19 vaccination and testing centers in Maryland and Virginia.

The Maryland Health Department says the Virginia Department of Health will delay operating hours at various locations this Friday and will close its five community immunization centers due to inclement weather.

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Kentucky declares state of emergency

Kentucky Governor Andy Bessier declared a state of emergency on Thursday following heavy snowfall across the state. And the State National Guard was implemented in all interstate closures.

“Severe severe weather affects travel on major states and state and local highways, as well as power outages and damage to public infrastructure and private property,” Bessier said in a statement.

He urged people to stay away from roads if possible, adding that the Red Cross was monitoring the need for warming centers and that search and rescue teams had already been set up for safety checks for stranded motorists.

The weather caused several crashes in Western Kentucky Parkway on Thursday.

State Police Public Information Officer Scotty Sharp said the injuries were only minor and not life-threatening.

Contributors Robert Shackelford de CNN, Dave Alsup, Mary Kay Mallonee, Brian Vitagliano, Elizabeth Joseph, Sahar Akbarzai, Jaide Timm-Garcia, Amy Simonson and Jessica Jordan.

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