More than 40 activities offer the space of Baron of Pisa

in the frame Cordoba Book Fair 2022And the Baron of Pizza It is one of its ten courses, with a program of 40 activities and current production of over 50 independent publishers.

Lives at Patio Mayor del Cabildo, September 29 to October 10, with free admission.

Programming includes discussion tables, workshops for girls and boys, a series of poets and musicians, guided tours, readings, book presentations, and performances.

The course network takes place mostly in the afternoon, with the exception of the workshops for children which are held in the morning.

Additionally, inside the space there are booths for independent local publishers between 3 and 9 p.m.

The stands are provided by the Municipality of Córdoba, through its Ministry of Culture, as part of the promotion policy of our publishing houses, realizing that it is an area for artistic expression as well as for production, and an essential part of the creative economy of Córdoba.

Barón Biza meets with writers, translators, and editors from the province, and references from across the country, with a focus on the makers of Córdoba’s independent world of books and literature.

In this sense, the group, in conjunction with the Municipal Publishing House, has published an anthology that collects fragments of texts and illustrations that will be presented as gifts to those who buy in the stands.

In addition, course information can be found on the Barón Biza Space page, through the following link

special calendar

Among the highlights of its activities is the discussion schedule “Working after. Editing and publishing books on the authors’ departure” (Sunday, October 2, 6:00 pm, with the participation of Silvina Giamproni, Galileo Puduc, Romina Bouddock and Virginia Ventura).

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On Mondays 3rd and 6th Thursdays, in both cases at 4:00 p.m., “In Search of the Lost Book” will be conducted with guided visits to Baron Biza Space by guests from the world of writers – Emmanuel Rodriguez, in the first case, and Soledad Gravinia, in The second – who will suggest a personal tour, highlighting your “must see” in the independent publishing space.

Table debates “The Art of Lost. Travel and Narrative “will be one of the most held proposals (Thursday 6, 6:00 pm) with the participation of Liliana Villanueva, Marianela Jimenez and Daniela McAuliffe and coordinated by Natalia Ferreira.

“Strange Fiction. Other Possible Worlds” will be the table that will bring together, on Friday 7 at 6:00 p.m., editors working with fiction from an unconventional approach. It is directed by Nicholas Viglietti, Sebastian Maturano, Carolina Panero and Leonor Nanese.

On Saturday 8, at 6:00 pm, the panel discussion “The Translation Mission” will allow us to reflect on and analyze the peculiarities of the Córdoba literary environment. Michaela van Moelm, Silvio Mattoni and Gaston Cerrone will be the guests, coordinated by Magdalena Gonzalez Almada and presented by Gerardo Cuccio.

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