More public investment in business, science and technology in the impenetrable national park

The Chief of the National Park Service, Federico Granato, led the opening ceremony of the works at NP El Impenetrable, Chaco Province, during which the camp site was expanded and materials were handed over. In addition, a tender was launched to build a regional research center at a cost of over 300 million pesos. During the working day, Chaco’s deputy governor, Analia Rush Quiroga, was present.

“Our role in the state is to work to find solutions for people. And that’s what we do here: help grow this highly-visited garden. And for all this, there must be an investment, a political decision to strengthen the regions, with a focus on the social perspective, because we not only preserve the environment, but also improve the quality of life of the people, strengthen the regional economy and encourage responsible tourism. Most notable granato.

The APN Chief led the delivery of a truck to the province’s protected area “Loro Hablador”. He also signed, through Landscaping Projects, a contract for the purchase of a tractor and its tools, and for the purchase of clothes, shoes, and items needed to fight forest fires. It was signed by Granato, the Minister of the Environment and Regional Regional Development, Marta Sonera, and the National Coordinator of the Landscape Project of the National Park Service, Pedro Fernández.

In addition, the project “Path of Art in Chaco Impenetrable” was presented, a series of collective artistic interventions that connect art, landscapes and local identities. The goal is to promote the participation of artists, artisans and artisans from the impenetrable region, and to enhance the park’s attractions.

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During the tour of the protected area, the authorities inaugurated the expansion of Camping La Fidelidad, as part of the signing of a supplementary law to the Framework Cooperation Agreement between the Wildlife Restoration Foundation and the National Parks Administration. The camp, located on the banks of the Bermejo River, was built and opened in July this year and is currently in operation. There, units were built for visitors to sleep in; new campgrounds; The parking area has also been expanded.

Likewise, the work on Camping Bermejito is highlighted, which consists of the demarcation of plots next to the entrance to the park and the detachment of La Armonía.

On the other hand, a tender was issued for the construction of a regional research center at a cost of more than 300 million pesos and for the works of two departments for the Park Rangers.

Through the More Works Better Parks program, prefabricated stoves, tables, and benches were purchased, photovoltaic lighting purchased and installed, and informational signage purchased and installed.

During the workday in the Chaco, National Park Board President Sabrina Silva; Undersecretary of the Ministry of Environment and Biodiversity, Thomas Camarasa; President of the Tourism Institute, Ariel Ybarra; the Director of Protected Areas, Edgardo Wilczynski; NEA Regional Director, Daniel Crosta; Regional Director for the North, Sergio Arias Valdecantos; and the mayor of PN El Impenetrable Emanuel Crosta.

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