Moni Wident clarifies rumors and reveals whether Jenny Rivera is still alive: Video

Has lived for more than eight years ?? Big girl ??, Jenny Rivera, Came to a tragic end on December 9, 2012.

The plane he was traveling on Montreal To Mexico City That day, it crashed Iterbite, Nuevo Leon, causing death ?? Diva of the band ?? And the collaborators who came with him.

Although it is true that the official reports confirmed everything due to the mechanical failure that led to the rapid crash of the plane, followers and those close to the family circle Rivera, Suggested that it was a planned attack to end Jenny’s life.

Are you still alive?

Although they were passed last December Eight His years DeathConspiracy theories have come to light on more than one occasion that she pretended her death to get rid of the problems that plagued her.

Recently a video went viral, where a voice is very similar Mexican singer, So internet users began to speculate that it might be about her.

In the face of these rumors, Rev. விடிண்டே Confident Here with you, By identification Herald TV, Jenny Rivera is alive only in the hearts of her fans because she lost her life in that accident, which was also a planned attack by the Mafia.

Finally, he predicted the hands of another Mexican celebrity he loved so much Govit-19; It will be a singer of more than 80 years, who has left an important legacy Mexico, United States And all Latin America.


We bring you a video with all the details in a moment.

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